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Traditional education is no longer the right way to create drivers who have the capability  to asses the risks around them on the roads while driving.



Adult Drivers

People, mainly new to the country,  who have driving experience but need refresh to go through the road test. 


Car Rental for the test

Cars are ready for you to do the road test!

We have different packages with warming up lessons.



Teen Drivers 16 Years plus

 On-Road Behind-the-Wheel Program

 Our On-Road Programs our designed for student's who just want to begin Driver Education with a learner's license.

 The Driving Academy offers comprehensive driver training. Teens learn to drive under the guidance of our dedicated driving coaches in our program.

 In this program the student learn the following skills:

  • Pre – trip check.

  • Starting up and pulling away.

  • Stopping

  • Backing up

  • Space margins.

  • Driving straight through

  • Right and Left turn

  • Driving on hills and curves

  • Starting and parking on hills

  • Stall parking

  • Three point turn

  • Parallel parking

  • Sharing the road, yielding

  • Lane position, lane changes

  • Driving in traffic

  • Choosing a safe speed

  • Driving on highways and freeways

  • Driving at night

  • Driving in bad weather

  • Hazard perception

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